State of the art SMS Gateway

A scalable SMSC / SMS Gateway for enterprises and resellers who are looking for an optimized solution for Routing, Forwarding and Storing incoming and outgoing Text Messages (SMS).

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Powering the regional distribution of SMS OTPs for Tier-1 globally recognized brands.

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Solution overview

Bloomwire SMS Gateway is a scalable solution with the functions of receiving, forwarding, storing and delivering SMSs in GSM, UMTS, LTE networks. 

  • Cloud / on-premises implementation

  • Built on scalable architecture

  • Customizations on request


Bloomwire SMS Gateway is a robust CPaaS Solution built on a scalable architecture using Node, AMQP and MongoDB with a focus of delivering exceptional performance and reliable messaging capabilities.

Secure and Scalable SMPP & HTTP APIs

SMPP and HTTP APIs enables seamless integration between different systems and platforms, making it an essential component of SMS communication infrastructure.

Advanced message routing (AMQP)

AMQP provides a powerful and standardized message routing, enhancing the reliability and flexibility of communication systems across telecom operator SMSCs.

Connect to operator SMSC via VPN tunnel

Making your data transmission secure with an encapsulated tunnel, which protects the transactional API data being tampered by unauthorized external entities.


Bloomwire SMS Gateway is packed with tons of enterprise features that have proven effective for numerous customers in sending OTPs, transactional and promotional messages with a fast delivery.

Promotional SMS

SMS marketing is a direct, personal, and cost-efficient way to keep customers updated with news, promotions, and offers.

SMS two-factor authentication

Protect your customers from fraudsters with SMS two-factor authentication and offer better verification services.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS updates customers on events and transactions, in real-time and help strengthening customer relationships.

Send SMS reminders

The reliable way to keep your customers updated and engaged throughout their entire journey.

Send SMS alerts

With SMS notifications, you can quickly send alerts and ensure that your urgent messages have the best visibility.

Two-way SMS

Useful when collecting prompt responses from a large audience such as voting polls. 

Enterprise Readiness

We specialize in enterprise SMS services at competitive pricing and excellent support while staying ahead of the industry standards with our commitment to innovation.

Customer / Partner Success

We will assist you in achieving success with a seamless experience led by our industry experts, specializing in enterprise SMS services.

Robust System

Our platform offers robust features for team collaboration that help boost productivity and promote transparency when managing messaging campaigns.

Priority Support

Our personalized support is available through multiple channels. Contact us anytime for prompt and courteous assistance to make your experience seamless.

Scalable Architecture

Our system is built on a scalable architecture using Python Twisted Framework. We prioritize delivering exceptional performance for your messaging requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

How is data security addressed in Bloomwire?

Our esteemed platform provides a wide array of top-tier security measures that to safeguard your customer data and privacy. Rest assured that your essential data is always in good hands as we host them with utmost care in our data centers with a 99.98% guaranteed uptime. To further enhance our platform’s efficiency, we make use of advanced security protocols such as SSL, IP level restrictions, VPN tunnelling for SMPP connections, ensuring reliable and smooth operations for our clients.

What countries are supported by Bloomwire SMSC / SMS Gateway?

At Bloomwire, our priority is to ensure that your communication needs are met with exceptional quality and service. Our global SMS aggregation partners is equipped with reliable premium and wholesale routes across the globe. This helps you seamlessly terminate messages to recipients in over 200 countries and regions.

Can I become a partner?

We are pleased to announce our collaboration with esteemed global partners to broaden the scope of our products and services and enhance the overall business community. If you are interested in partnering with us, please do not hesitate to contact us at We look forward to hearing from you.